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    Foundation Course

    Now a days every job has an entrance test where they test not only the candidates aptitude but also his / her interpersonal skills. Both the government and the private sectors want employees who are well versed with general aptitude like reading and comprehension skills, writing skills, critical analytical ability, etc. Along with that it is also important to have a general knowledge of national and international importance.

    The stress on these skillset increases a lot for any student who wants to appear for competitive exams like UPSC/MPSC, Banking, SSC, etc. These exams test your skills at every stage. Hence it is important to start preparing well in advance during graduation itself.

    Our foundation course is designed to ensure that you develop these abilities during your graduation giving you an upper hand compared to the rest of the crowd. The course has been carefully designed keeping in mind the skill sets needed for a smart graduate who can really stand out in the crowd. Moreover, it will be helpful in preparing for competitive exams at an early age.

    The comprehensive Foundation Course covers :

    • Focus on developing reading, writing and critical ability
    • Developing the art of public speaking in every student
    • Sharpening your general knowledge about national and international affairs
    • Complete syllabus coverage of UPSC examination
    • Regular interactive evaluation to give positive feedback

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