Risk of Legalising Cannabis

A Cannabis plant produces many derivatives like Charas, Ganja, Bhang, Hashish etc. These are popular in some countries because it is Socio-Culturally acceptable trend as well as government allowed its Commercialization. Same demand is raised in India to legalise cannabis trade. Whether it is a wise decision or blunder?

Take the cases of Alchohol & Tobaco. The Secret, illegal and substandard trade of Alchohol & Tobaco got substantially reduced due to its commercialization. Furthermore it gave necessary revenue to exchequer. Along with that mandatory legal safeguards created to protect young excited minds. However, its side effects can’t be under these legalization resulted into more Socio-Cultural acceptance. It increased overall cancer burden, indebtners and criminal tilt, that too in illiterate rural areas. The young generation is easily attracted to it from its aggressive psychological marketing. Single decision to legalise Alchohal & Tobacco directly affected the Current Generation Socio-economically & indirectly created Security challenges to new generation. Same story may be repeated by legalizing Cannabis.

In Ayurveda, healing properties of Cannabis are mentioned. But its side effects ranges from neural weakness to strong addiction. Right now Bhang, Ganja, Chilib consumed by many rural folks. Whereas Sophasticated Hukka parlours, rave party satisfying thrust of urban customers. The legalizing it will open the entire market, many heavy weight MNC’s will launch there attractive products from cannabis drinks to sweets. Once again immature young and impatient adults fall prey to new addiction. Thus caution must be taken before legalizing it.

Human fall preys to one or another form of addication. Children addicted to playing or reader addicted to reading and so on. Few agrees that Humans are made for addiction. However, the conscious government should decide which addiction is worth to legalise, decriminalize & commercialized. There is point of no return once such addictive things become popular in society. Thus, if legalization is done then safeguards, treatment on side effects and proper regulation should also be done.

September 17, 2019

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