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The social media became new platform to broadcast, not only own but also others idea. Its dynamicity, flexibility and affordability best fitted it for widespread acceptance. However, it is just technology to transfer information without knowing what is actual information, thus this open and private forum circulated new initiatives of government, mobilized crowd fund for social cause as well as equally circulated hate speeches, terrorist propaganda, explicit pornographic content, so and so forth. Policy makers don’t just wait to take any regulatory step. Its high time to fitter digital content at source, during transmission and consumption stage also. But, how it can be done?

The GAFA ( Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) Giants batting for privacy, Security of data and very less state  intervention in content management. These commercial firms reached to popularity mainly because of end-to-end data encryption which created trusted private space for users. Thus they are reluctant to manage any content readily resulting into grave security implications. The IT Act provisions targets the source & transmitter of explicit electronic data but silent on role of internet service provider. (IPS) The Aadhar-social media linkage can curb expansion of this monster. Such step will dilute the overall freedom of internet, hamper commercial interest of Internet service provider(ISA) and increased surveillance on netizens may result into all overpowerful surveillance state : Thus before liuking  Aadhar with social media, Services study of puttuswamy case (2017) is needed.

Justic puttuswamy case held that right to privacy is fundamental right. Any expansion of Aadhar mandate should pars through ‘tripple test’ :

1) The new mandate will be backed by low.

2) It will fulfill legitimate state interest.

3) The proportionality between individual private and national security should be maintained. Already Aadhar linkages with SIM, Bank account or school is denied by honourable courts. Thus, government should equally increase its presence, Skillet security apparatus should be strengthen using open cyber space. Universal linkage of Aadhar with social media should be last resort. The social media itself is vide thus Internet service providers should be taken into consensus to design new security roadmap for making new secure & Smart India.


September 17, 2019

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